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Postural Therapy

Our body is a master piece of engineering.  It was designed according to a deeply intelligent original matrix, which allows an extremely efficient way of distributing tension harmoniously throughout the structure.

We have been designed to move and to keep moving in a sustainable and balanced way, without chronic pain, until old age.

Pain is a  message from the body requesting us to change.

Pain is a warning sign from our body telling us that we are violating the original design. It informs us that there is a problem somewhere in the system. It does not tell us where.

Most of the time, the problem is NOT at the site of the pain. 

Pain is just a symptom of an underlying dysfuntion. It is necessary to understand and treat the cause, and stop chasing the symptom.

In Postural Therapy we look at the body as a unit, and note which are the most striking deviations from the natural matrix. We then create a program of corrective exercises designed exclusively for you, aiming at restoring the natural balance and function of your musculoskeletal system.

When the body recovers good function, pain no longer has a reason to exist.

Yes, it's that simple.

It is essential that you understand that this is not a miraculous technique that will make your pain disappear all of a sudden. It is a method that involves personal responsibility, and that only works when you make the decision to act.

If you embrace the commitment with yourself, I assure you that you will change your life.

Be funtional, be free.

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You can be smart, but your body is much smarter


Once the free online evaluation session has been carried out, and your goals are defined, we set our first meeting.



  • Elimination of pain

  • Increased body functionality

  • Increased autonomy and independence

  • Accelerated recovery from injuries

  • Decreased risk of future injuries

  • Better performance in the sport you practice

  • Higher productivity in your work

  • Improvement of mental and emotional health





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