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Pain Free Program - Online

In the digital era, this is the ideal option for those who live far away, or for some reason cannot physically travel to my studio.

This program has already been successfully done by people on 4 continents. Distance is not at all a problem, with the technology available today.

You don't have to leave your house. And it's like I'm at your side.


What does it consist of?

This program lasts for 2 months, during which we have a mutual agreement: I give you the tools you need to improve your life. Your mission is to make use of them.

It is a personal responsibility program, in which you take control of your health. In which you embrace the commitment to dedicate some time of your day to take care of yourself.

I will always be there to support you, and to clarify any questions or doubts that may arise.

Expanded Body Works - Viver sem dor


The first step is to send me your postural photos (see examples here ) and do the free evaluation session.

Once you decide to sign up for the program, we schedule our first online session. In this first session we will do functional tests and find corrective exercises appropriate to your case. This will establish your Postural Program for the first week.

In each subsequent session we will re-evaluate your posture and make the necessary adjustments.

Hundreds of people have already found a pain free life with this program. You can be next!


  • The program includes 4 video calls lasting 70-90 minutes each:

  • First session - Day 1

  • Second session - at the beginning of week 2

  • Third session - beginning of week 4

  • Fourth session - at the beginning of week 6

  • Emails with detailed instructions for each exercise.

  • Explanatory videos of each exercise in case of doubts.

  • Videos with extra self care tools that you can add to your exercises (lymphatic activation techniques, self massage and many more)

  • Constant support by voice call or exchange of voice / video messages on whatsapp.


  • Elimination of pain

  • Increased body functionality

  • Increased autonomy and independence

  • Accelerated recovery from injuries

  • Decreased risk of future injuries

  • Better performance in the sport you practice

  • Higher productivity in your work

  • Improvement of mental and emotional health






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