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Pain is only a symptom. We need to understand and treat the cause, and stop chasing the symptom.

Expanded Body Works

What are the things that you really like to do, and that you are no longer able to do because you feel pain or physical limitations in your body?

Maybe it's a sport that you want to practice, maybe it's running or dancing again.  Or simply being able to play with your children or pick up your grandchildren.

Imagine the joy you would feel if you could do all those activities again.

Whether you are a high-performance athlete whose goal is to treat or prevent injuries, a person who just wants to be autonomous in order to continue working in your profession, or to be able to carry groceries home, there is a widespread malady  - the pain that strikes you, and that forces you to stop doing what you like and need the most.


Nobody wants to be in pain, and nobody should have to live with it.

However, the idea that our bodies are fragile and destined to live in pain is nowadays accepted as normal.

We blame age, genes, our job, the sport we play… or else we assume that we are simply "like that".

Expanded Body Works exists to bring you back to reality.

To remind you that your body is not a damaged machine that needs to be repaired. It is a perfect piece of engineering, with an absolutely brilliant design. It is a living ecosystem, with a deep and inherent intelligence of self-regulation and regeneration. That provides you with everything necessary for a life without pain and limitations.

What is missing?

Adequate stimulus.


You can live your life doing the things you love, without pain being an obstacle to you. This is a birthright that you have been given, that you can reclaim anyytime. You just have to make that decision.

I invite you to expand beyond your current beliefs.

I invite you to rediscover the profound regenerative power of your body.

I invite you to regain your freedom.

Eric Gonçalves

I am passionate about life and amazed at this master piece of engineering that is the human body. I believe in our infinite potential, and that we can live a happy and purposeful life, free from the wheight and limitations of chronic pain.

We are all different and unique, but we have one thing in common: this incredible organism, which has a deep natural intelligence to heal itself, if given the right stimulus.

My mission is ambitious: to change the way you see, feel, and use your body.


My mission is to show you that there is a way to regain your freedom and independence.


I discovered the world of therapies in 2004, with a Tui Na chinese massage course. I quickly realized that I had found my purpose in life - to help people improve their health and quality of life.

Since that moment of clarity, my focus on the mission has been absolute - I travelled the world, in an avid quest for a deeper understanding of the fascinating human body. I studied for a long time in the United States, Thailand, Nepal, India, and throughout Western and Eastern Europe. I was privileged to study with great masters, and to drink directly from their source of wisdom.

I am passionate about my work. My desire to constantly evolve in my practice, in order to better serve, is the greatest force that moves me.

I am a researcher fascinated by human movement, and every day I witness its enormous impact in transforming people's lives.

Eric Gonçalves - Expanded Body Works


  • Posture Alignment Specialist certified by the Egoscue Institute (San Diego, California)

  • Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Trigger Point Release Massage Certification - San Francisco School of Massage

  • Advanced Myofascial Techniques - Advanced Trainings (Boulder, Colorado)

  • Thai Massage - hundreds of hours with the legendary master Pichest Boonthume, and in several renowned schools (Chiang Mai - Thailand)

  • Ancient Massage - with master Rahul Bharti - Healing Hands Center (Kathmandu, Nepal)

  • Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) - (Chiang Mai - Thailand)

  • Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor, certified by Buteyko Clinic International

  • Oxygen Advantage certified Breathing Instructor

  • Advanced training in Lymphatic and Visceral Activation (Dr. Perry Nickelston - New Jersey)

  • Hundreds of hours of private trainings with absolutely brilliant movement educators.





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